Air Cluster 1.2.0, new version

Lis of changes: -Added Opendrive cloud.-Added Koofr cloud.-Fixed some Mega accounts could not login.-Fixed was not sending SMS for 2 factor authentication.-Webdav compatibility improved.-Updated Mediafire support.-Fixed, some pcloud accounts could not be added.-Fixed some ftp accouns could not be added.-Better sorting of files with numbers in the name.-Added properties menu to the search list.

Get more space joining your OneDrive accounts

If you want to save your files in OneDrive and with one account you don’t have enough space, with Air Cluster you can add several OneDrive accounts and join them in one cluster, in this way you will get a cloud in OneDrive with a big capacity. First download Air Cluster and create a cluster. …

Air Cluster 1.1.3, new version

List of changes: -Updated Naver.-Fixed max uploads not worked on synchronizations.-Updated Ukranian language (thanks to Volodymyr).

Search files in your clouds

With Air Cluster you can add all your clouds in one and manage your files, copy and paste files between clouds, synchronize folders, make backups and search files. With the search function you can search for all types of files in the entire cluster. It would search across all the clouds that compose the cluster. …

Upload and download speed

Air Cluster joins the cloud spaces and create a large cloud where you can safely store all your documents, photos and videos without limits. When you upload and download files, you can control the speed. The download and upload speed depends on your conexion and the server you use. But, with Air Cluster you can …