Add TeraBox to your cluster and add space

Add TeraBox to your cluster and add space

Terabox is a cloud storage service that gives you the opportunity to store your files in a space of 1 TB at no cost. With this cloud, you have the advantage of being able to sort your files into different folders, view them at any time and find them quickly. In addition, Terabox rewards you for inviting your friends or for signing up for a premium plan. Every time you invite a friend and they sign up to Terabox, you will receive 200 GB of extra space in your cloud. You can also access special discounts on Terabox premium plans, which offer you more benefits and features.

In Air Clusster, you can add Terabox to your cloud cluster or create a cluster just for several Terabox accounts, the sum of all accounts will create a large capacity cluster. To this cluster you can upload all your files from your computer and create a backup, you can also have backups from other clouds, to have your files duplicated.

To work in Air Cluster with Terabox the first thing to do is to add your Terabox account to a cluster.

The cluster will add up all the cloud accounts you have added. This will add up the space of all the clouds and you will have a large cloud to upload your files to.

When you work with the files uploaded to the cluster, you can modify them and save the changes directly to the cloud. This way you don’t have to make manual copies, as Air Cluster makes them automatically. Also, by saving files to the cloud you can share them with other people more easily.