Air Cluster versions for Windows:

Air Cluster version 1.9.0

Octiber 16, 2023
-Added support for Terabox.
-Fixed tasks window did not close in some cases.
-Fixed issue uploading large .xlsm files to OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint.
-Overwrite support on Box copy folder.
-Added support for bidirectional unicode characters.
-Better handling of 429 errors while reading the folders on OneDrive for Business.
-Fixed Naver.

Air Cluster version 1.8.0

March 12, 2023
-Fixed crash uploading to mega thumbnails.
-Save clusters list on any change.
-Fixed Yandex.
-Renamed TeraCLOUD to InfiniCLOUD.
-Fixed issue uploading very large files to Google Drive with very slow connections.
-Fixed, some files could not be uploaded to Degoo.
-Fixed downloading files from Dropbox team folders.
-Fixed Dropbox generate shared links.
-Fixed 1 second time difference for some Degoo uploads.
-Fixed, dragging to some folders in Jottacloud and Onlime was not possible.
-Fixed adding Huawei Drive accounts.
-Fixed, it was not possible to upload files larger that 2GB to HiDrive.
-Improved Degoo upload speed.
-Now it is possible to download Dropbox paper and Google Documents on Dropbox.
-Fixed Box can not read folder with more than 300000 items.
-Updated Portuguese translation (Thanks to Leinad4Mind).

Air Cluster version 1.7.1

November 18, 2022
-Fixed Degoo accounts could not be registered on some computers.
-Avoid 429 erros on OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint.
-In OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint now the 429 and 50x errors are handled better.
-Removed Internet Explorer engine dependency to show integrated login pages, now Air Explorer uses Edge engine. To use the newer Edge engine the WebView2 runtime needs to be installed on the computer.
-Fixed, sometimes the Google Documents were not copied correctly to another cloud.
-Reduced the number of requests needed to read the folders in OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint.
-Fixed Degoo downloads.
-Fixed Mega login issue with some passwords.
-Updated Ukrainian translation (thanks to Volodymyr).
-Updated Hungarian translation (thanks to John Fowler).
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).

Air Cluster version 1.7.0

August 9, 2022
-Added Degoo cloud support.
-Added Nutstore cloud support (
-Added Onlime cloud support.
-Now Edge engine will be used instead or Internet Explorer engine when adding some accounts.
-Updated Korean translation (Thanks to Jaehyung).
-Updated Chinese Traditional translation (Thanks to Wang).

Air Cluster version 1.6.0

March 19, 2022
-Option to change the display name of the registered accounts.
-Added support for long paths.
-Faster Mega uploads.
-Share Mega folders.
-Show Mega thumbnails.
-Play online videos on Mega.
-Faster connection to some Mega accounts.
-Fixed HiDrive support.
-Improved sftp upload and download speeds.
-Saving edited encrypted files keeps the encryption.
-Fixed, internal Google Drive files copied could duplicate the files.
-Fixed issue uploading Google Documents to pCloud.
-Play online videos on Naver.
-Play online videos on SFTP.
-Fixed some characters were not handled correctly on some webdav servers.
-Help window modified.
-Updated Chinese (Traditional) translation (Thanks to Wang).

Air Cluster version 1.5.1

December 31, 2021
-Fixed issued transferring files to Mega from another cloud.
-Fixed issued uploading encrypted files to Mega.
-Updated Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).

Air Cluster version 1.5.0

December 28, 2021
-Added Huawei Cloud.
-Added Jottacloud.
-Added folder names encryption support.
-Added saving the encryption password.
-Fixed, some mega uploads did not finish well.
-Added “Open with” menu to select the application to open the files in the clouds.
-Mega now keeps the file date on uploads.
-pCloud now keeps the file date on uploads.
-Fixed 429 errors on OneDrive for Business.
-Improved FTP compatibility.
-Added support for Opendrive chunked uploads.
-OpenDrive downloads faster.
-Fixed slow connection to Google Drive for some accounts.
-Improved stability.
-Added Czech translation (thanks to Martin).

Air Cluster version 1.4.1

August 16, 2021
-Fixed OneDrive for business.
-Added Teracloud.
-Minor user interface changes.
-Updated Chinese Traditional translation (thanks to Hulen).

Air Cluster version 1.4.0

May 18, 2021
-Edit files, now when a file is opened, it will be automatically uploaded and saved in the cloud when it is edited.
-Added OneDrive China.
-Added Sharepoint China.
-Export and import clusters.
-Now it is possible to stream the videos in the cloud to view it without downloading. It is recommended to install VLC for this feature.
-Drag and drop to organize accounts.
-New option to right click a file or folder to download it.
-New option to upload files or folders.
-Improved stability.
-Updated Korean translation (Thanks to JaeHyung).

Air Cluster version 1.3.0

February 9, 2021
-Added Nextcloud support.
-Added Owncloud support.
-Updated Dropbox search.
-Show the account name on the Oauth external connection window.
-Improved uploading files to Dropbox.
-Faster synchronization with Box.
-Fixed compatibility issue with Synology SFTP.
-Fixed error copying files or folders in some webdav servers.
-Removed 2GB file limit for HiDrive.
-Improved stability.
-Added Japanese translation (Thanks to Tilt).
-Added Italian translation (thanks to Marco).
-Added Belarusian translation (thanks to Alexander).
-Updated Hungarian translation (Thanks to John).

Air Cluster version 1.2.0

November 6, 2020
-Added Opendrive cloud.
-Added Koofr cloud.
-Fixed some Mega accounts could not login.
-Fixed was not sending SMS for 2 factor authentication.
-Webdav compatibility improved.
-Updated Mediafire support.
-Fixed, some pcloud accounts could not be added.
-Fixed some ftp accouns could not be added.
-Better sorting of files with numbers in the name.
-Added properties menu to the search list.

Air Cluster version 1.1.3

August 18, 2020
-Updated Naver.
-Fixed max uploads not worked on synchronizations.
-Updated Ukranian language (thanks to Volodymyr).

Air Cluster version 1.1.2

May 31, 2020
-Updated pCloud support.
-Fixed show disk size for some accounts.
-Fixed uploading very small files to

Air Cluster version 1.1.1

April 10, 2020
-Cluster write policy configuration was not saved correctly.
-Option to request a password when Air Cluster starts.
-Fixed, simultaneous uploads and downloads configuration was not working well.
-Fixed, address bar was not displayed in some screen settings.
-Added Simplified Chinese translation (thanks to 133132132).
-Added Korean translation (thanks to JaeHyung).
-Added Portuguese-Brazilian translation (thanks to Geraldo Cezar).
-Added Polish translation (thanks to Staszek).
-Added Turkish translation (thanks to Kutay).
-Added Dutch translation (thanks to Philiep).
-Added Hungarian translation (thanks to John).
-Added French translation (thanks to Largo).
-Added Belarusian translation (thanks to Alexander).
-Added Chinese translation (thanks to Eric).
-Added Ukrainian translation (thanks to Volodymyr).
-Added German translation (thanks to Maria).

Air Cluster version 1.1.0

December 29, 2019
-Improved stability.
-Added upport for Sharepoint Online.
-Fixed support for Yandex. It will be required to authenticate again.
-Added French translation (thanks to Stephane).
-Added Russian translation (thanks to Alexander Mironov).

Air Cluster version 1.0.0

-Initial release.
-English and Spanish languages supported.
-Supports the following clouds:
Google Drive
OneDrive for Business
Magenta CLOUD
Stack Storage
Datto Drive