About us

About us

Since 2008, our company, Iniciativas Informáticas y de Comunicación, develops an intuitive, logical and attractive focused on expediting the communication between the user and the storage servers in the cloud.

From our headquarters in Spain we have focused on a global audience that we reached through our digital marketing work.

Our team

With the goal of creating innovative software, we have recruited
an interdisciplinary team that distributes the tasks of software development and design on one side, and on the other the promotion and online marketing.

By having a team of specialists in the same company, communication between departments can be carried out smoothly and effectively.

Our software

Since the beginning we have developed a intelligent and intuitive software.

Our most well-known software is:

-AIR EXPLORER, created in 2015.
Manage all your cloud storage accounts using just one program.

-AIR LIVE DRIVE, created in 2018.
Connect your clouds as disk drives on your computer.

-AIR CLUSTER, created in 2019.
Add all your clouds and create a single cloud.