Manage your files on Nextcloud servers

Manage your files on Nextcloud servers

Nextcloud is open source software that can be used to create spaces to manage files and share them with others. Many storage servers use this software to create their clouds and now you can add them to Air Cluster.

Air Cluster supports the servers using Nextcloud software. When you add them to Air Cluster, it asks for the username and password that you have established and the server address. To know which is your server you have to check the documentation of your storage service.

Here is a list of the most famous clouds that use Nextcloud technology along with the server address:


Once your data has been added, the cloud will be added to the cluster you have chosen or you can create a cluster for it.

When you connect the cluster you can check in the chart the total size of the cluster and how much space each cloud contributes to the total.

Working with the cluster is very easy because it works like Windows Explorer and you can drag the Air Cluster files to the Windows Explorer without problems. Or you can also create synchronizations to keep the local files and the cloud files automatically updated.


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