Join several Google Drive accounts to get more space

Join several Google Drive accounts to get more space

If you want to have a cloud with enough space to do your backups, with Air Cluster it is very easy because you can join several Google Drive accounts and work as if it were one single account.

First download Air Cluster and create a cluster.

In “Configure disk”, you can create a new cluster and add all the Google Drive accounts you have.

When you have all your Google Drive accounts added, you can see the size of your Google Drive cluster on the graph and see how much space is free and used.

If you change the type of graph you can see how much space you have in each account.

When the cluster has already created you just have to open it to start working with it.

If you want to upload your files to your Google Drive cluster, you have several options, for example you can copy from your Windows Explorer and paste into Air Cluster, or you can drag the files from Windows Explorer or create a synchronization.


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