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Air Cluster 1.2.0, new version

Lis of changes: -Added Opendrive cloud.-Added Koofr cloud.-Fixed some Mega accounts could not login.-Fixed was not sending SMS for 2 factor authentication.-Webdav compatibility improved.-Updated Mediafire support.-Fixed, some pcloud accounts could not be added.-Fixed some ftp accouns could not be added.-Better sorting of files with numbers in the name.-Added properties menu to the search list.

Air Cluster 1.1.3, new version

List of changes: -Updated Naver.-Fixed max uploads not worked on synchronizations.-Updated Ukranian language (thanks to Volodymyr).

Air Cluster 1.1.2, new version

List of changes: -Updated pCloud support.-Fixed show disk size for some accounts.-Fixed uploading very small files to

Air Cluster 1.1.1, new version

List of changes: -Cluster write policy configuration was not saved correctly.-Option to request a password when Air Cluster starts.-Fixed, simultaneous uploads and downloads configuration was not working well.-Fixed, address bar was not displayed in some screen settings.-Added Simplified Chinese translation (thanks to 133132132).-Added Korean translation (thanks to JaeHyung).-Added Portuguese-Brazilian translation (thanks to Geraldo Cezar).-Added Polish …

Air Cluster 1.1.0, new version

List of changes:-Improved stability.-Added upport for Sharepoint Online.-Fixed support for Yandex. It will be required to authenticate again.-Added French translation (thanks to Stephane).-Added Russian translation (thanks to Alexander Mironov).