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Air Cluster 1.1.3, new version

List of changes: -Updated Naver.-Fixed max uploads not worked on synchronizations.-Updated Ukranian language (thanks to Volodymyr).

Air Cluster 1.1.2, new version

List of changes: -Updated pCloud support.-Fixed show disk size for some accounts.-Fixed uploading very small files to

Air Cluster 1.1.1, new version

List of changes: -Cluster write policy configuration was not saved correctly.-Option to request a password when Air Cluster starts.-Fixed, simultaneous uploads and downloads configuration was not working well.-Fixed, address bar was not displayed in some screen settings.-Added Simplified Chinese translation (thanks to 133132132).-Added Korean translation (thanks to JaeHyung).-Added Portuguese-Brazilian translation (thanks to Geraldo Cezar).-Added Polish …

Air Cluster 1.1.0, new version

List of changes:-Improved stability.-Added upport for Sharepoint Online.-Fixed support for Yandex. It will be required to authenticate again.-Added French translation (thanks to Stephane).-Added Russian translation (thanks to Alexander Mironov).

Air Cluster release

Air Cluster is a new software that adds your clouds and creates a single cloud. The software manages the accounts and distributes the files to take advantage of the entire cluster space. The Air Cluster synchronization function is very useful to carry out the backups and the encryption function increases the security and privacity of …